7 Easy and Effective Ways to Meet New People

Meeting new people can be hard- whether you’ve just moved to a new city or you want to expand your circles. Here are our top ways to meet people.

1) Never Say No to an Invitation

Meeting new people is all about getting out of your comfort zone. Be open to any offer or invitation that you come across. After all, you never know who you could meet or what it may lead to!

2) Become a Regular

Most people have routines. And so when you regularly turn up to a place at a certain time, you’ll likely encounter the same people. This is enough to spark conversation- you can ask them how long they’ve been going there, or simply bring up the fact you’ve seen them regularly! This can be anywhere- on public transportation, in a sports club, a co-working space, a café or a bar!

3) Do Some Community Service

Have a quick look on google for different local charities and community groups and get in touch to see how you can get involved. You’ll both meet other kind, caring people and feel great about giving back.

4) Attend Events

Sites and apps like Facebook, Meetup, Fever, Eventbrite and Nearify make it easy to find events in your city. From after-work drinks to dance classes, meditation, book-club meetings and start-up workshops, you’re sure to find something! All you need to do is sign up and go!

5) Use Social Apps

Apps like Nextdoor, Skout, Tinder and many others can be very helpful. Don’t be afraid to experiment with them until you find what you like! Couchsurfing’s app even has a “Hangout” function that puts you in touch with open-minded travelers and locals in your area anytime, practically anywhere!

6) Say Hi to Your Neighbours

Just saying hi to your neighbours will show them you’re a good person. And who knows, after a little conversation, they may even invite you in for a coffee or a delicious meal sometime. Or better yet- you could invite them!

7) Walk Your Dog

Pets always bring people together. When taking your dog out for a walk you will come across other people whose dogs will be naturally curious and will drag their owners over.


Imane Majid

I am a Moroccan with a sense of global citizenship and infinite curiosity. I love puns and everything related to languages -I'm fluent in 7 and can read and write in another 2. I like everything exquisite and I enjoy breaking standards set upon me.