7 Effortless Ways to Stay Motivated When Starting Out

Starting out can be hard- especially when you have big goals in mind. Whether you want to resolve global hunger, reach a million followers on Instagram or make a million dollars- it can be demotivating when you feel your efforts aren’t seeing the results you’d hoped for. So how can you stay motivated?

1) Break Your Goals Down

Big goals require a lot of effort and it can be hard to see how to make it all work from the bottom. So break them down step-by-step- a large success is usually made up of many smaller ones. Understand and remind yourself why you want to reach your goals too to keep it all relevant.

2) Remove Distractions- Stay on Task

It’s easier to remove tempting distractions than resist them. And these could be anything- your mobile phone, Facebook, even cake. By simply taking them away, you won’t be tempted anymore by the “what ifs” and will have much better focus, meaning you get more done and stay motivated.

 3) Have Positive Conversations

We’re extremely influenced by the people we talk to. Spending enough time with others who only criticise- whether it be their town or the difficulties in starting a new project will make you think the same. On the other hand, spending time with others who talk positively will encourage you to think like this too. And with this positive mindset you’ll begin to spot opportunities rather than problems and feel motivated by each success that follows. 

4) Change Your Media Habits

Positive and inspiring media be it via video, articles or books will keep you feeling motivated. Like surrounding yourself with positive people, it’ll subconsciously gear your mind towards opportunities rather than risks and failures. Likewise, consuming negative media eg. negative political news will condition your brain to seek problems rather than opportunities.

5) Give Yourself a Positive Environment

Our physical environment also strongly impacts our motivation. And it makes sense- to stay safe, we’ve evolved to feel uncomfortable in unpleasant environments so we leave them. It’s thus no wonder that if we stay in places we find stressful, our productivity and motivation suffers. So give yourself a good physical environment. Clean and organise your space, replace bad smells with ones you like and surround yourself with things that make you feel good (but not enough to distract you).

6) Talk with Others

A mentor, team members or others who have similar goals (perhaps in a different niche to avoid competition)- these are the people who should understand your struggles best and be able to advise, exchange ideas and help get things done. And you can find them on and offline- from Facebook groups, LinkedIn to your friends and family as well as who they may know.

7) Be Motivated by Successes and Mistakes

See everything as an opportunity. A success, no matter how big nor small, is an opportunity to feel accomplished and indulge yourself- from an ice cream or a trip somewhere. And mistakes are opportunities too- opportunities to learn. Rather than feeling bad, try to evaluate why something went wrong, speak about it with your support team and find another way to try things next time.

Sarah Chung

Raised in Hong Kong, now living in New York. A serial optimist, I love finding ways to improve to enjoy life even more.