How You Can Control Your Dreams with Virtual Reality

Have you ever been aware that you’re dreaming while dreaming? Known as lucid dreams, if you can experience one of these, you can have much more control over what happens in your dreams. And thanks to a Ukraine-based startup, you can use virtual reality do this more often.

Enter Luciding

Founded in 2014, startup Luciding has invented a virtual reality headset that allows people to experience lucid dreams whenever they want to. Called Lucid Catcher, the headset works by using sensors to detect when the brain enters the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of sleep. Then, using electrodes, it sends signals to the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain used for logic and decision-making, to induce lucid dreaming. 

Does it work?

Yes. According to Alex Bornyakov from Intersog, Lucid Catcher can create detailed dreams in which you know you’re dreaming. And this means that with this device, you can consciously choose to fly or even walk on water in your dreams. You can do anything- you know it’s just a dream.

Wearing this headset however doesn’t mean you will be able to lucid dream all the time. With only one percent of recorded dreams considered to be lucid, wearing Lucid Catcher increases your chance of lucid dreaming to 40%. This means that with Lucid Catcher, you can experience a lucid dream at a much higher rate than average. 

How is it Useful?

The application of this technology goes beyond entertainment. In fact, lucid dreaming could be used to practice and improve different skills– especially physical skills, as dreaming in this way activates your brain’s motor activity. 

More than this, this technology could be used to treat people with conditions like anxiety and depression; often causing nightmares. In fact, therapists have already been training patients suffering from nightmares to lucid dream for some time now. Luciding’s headset however could save time on training and allow more people to benefit from these dreams faster. 

To Wrap it Up

To conclude, with its headsets, Luciding has found a way to give people more control over their dreams. And their application goes beyond entertainment- they’re capable of also helping a greater number of people deal with mental health conditions, practice new skills and last but not least, sleep better.

Nick Morgan

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