How to Never Feel Lonely when Traveling Alone

You don’t have to feel lonely when traveling alone. Here are my top six tips.

Be Opportunistic, Be Spontaneous

Traveling alone means you needn’t make compromises for others. So take advantage of this! Ask yourself what you really want to do and do it. Whether this is relaxing on a beach or dancing salsa the whole night, you’re free!

Keep an Open, Active Mind

Some of my best travel experiences have happened by chance. For example, once arriving in Cairo alone at night, a man started talking to me as I crossed the highway. Deciding to get a mango juice with him in a cafe opposite, we exchanged Facebook details and I was invited out to dine and party with his friends later.

Use Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is a great place to meet people and find a place to stay for free! Using its app, you can meet people in three ways. You can send users messages to meet up or be hosted, go to local events and even use their “Hangouts” section at anytime in the day to meet other travelers and locals.

Go to events and classes

Attending events and classes means you’ll both be able to explore an interest and meet other people. With apps like Meetup, Fever and Eventbrite, you can see events from meditation classes to start-up workshops. You can even find local events with Facebook, use PartyWith to find people to party with and of course dating apps like Tinder, Happn and Bumble. 

Use Hostels

Hostels can be a great too. But beware. Clientele varies. For example, hostels in tourist spots in Southeast Asia may be more likely to host a young crowd up for partying all night whereas other, less-notorious places such as Cluj Napoca in Romania may have guests with more varied profiles. Consider this before making a reservation!

Be Cautious

Trying something new usually feels a bit uncomfortable- it can be scary knowing it may change you. So calculate your risk. Usually, if I feel 80% sure I’ll be ok, I’ll do it. Of course, I haven’t always been right and others’ risk levels vary. But either way, it’s good to accept responsibility for yourself and always take precautions to make sure if something goes wrong, you have a backup. When in this situation, telling others you trust where you’re going and who with while limiting alcohol intake are good measures to take. 

Annie Lennon

Writer with an insatiable curiosity for people, facts and places. Currently interested in learning more about making our way towards a blue economy.