New Knowledge: The Firm Protecting Your Brand From Fake News

There are 60 million fake accounts on Facebook. Twitter has 48 million. And these accounts have been used for influencing everything from public opinion to election results. A problem that many fear will only get worse, one firm is looking to protect against this manipulation.

Introducing New Knowledge

Founded in 2015, New Knowledge is a company that uses artificial intelligence to help its clients protect against fake news on social media. The firm’s team is made up of former American security professionals and digital technology experts.

How Do They Fight Fake News?

New Knowledge’s platform uses machine learning algorithms to analyse language and images to see whether they were generated by bots or people. Learning what words mean by observing how they’re used in context, the company can understand the goals of any possible fake news campaign and warn its clients. This way, clients can best plan how to protect their reputations from these lies. 

Does it work?

Yes. Using the platform, New Knowledge was able to identify Russian bots attempting to influence conversations during the 2016 U.S presidential elections. Beyond detecting Russian bots spreading fake news, the platform has also been used to document how the alt-right, an internet based white supremacist movement, has been growing more radical online in recent years.

The company works extensively with private companies and public interest organizations including the Alliance for Securing Democracy and Data for Democracy.

The Future

Fake news and online manipulation is not going away. With this reality, New Knowledge’s expertise will still be needed to combat it. The startup is already working to expand to meet this demand. It has already received almost $2 million in seed funding and according to CEO Jonathan Morgan, the company is getting the attention of some fairly large clients in a number of sectors including energy and entertainment. .  

Although there is no single way to stop fake news from spreading, there is still plenty to be done to stop it from being believed. New Knowledge is committed to helping its clients protect the truth and defend against dangerous lies.

Nick Morgan

Created by New York City but exported to London. Currently I am studying Russian at University College London but I can not help myself from straying into countless other subjects that capture my interest. That is why I am currently in a love-hate relationship with the information age.