4 Brilliant Ways to Quit Stressing Out and Get on With Your Day

Nowadays, it seems like everybody’s stressed out about something. Relationships. Work. Money. And especially when these things pile up, it can feel hard to find an outlet- which generates more stress. Here are four great ways to stop stressing out immediately.

1) Get Physical

Kathleen Hall from the Stress Institute recommends having a skipping rope nearby when working so you can pull it out whenever for a few minutes of de-stressing. She recommends star jumps and sit-ups as well- anything that can get you moving. She says“Exercise delivers oxygen to the brain, vital organs and muscles immediately and produces endorphins that soothe your mind, body and soul.” 

2) Smell Stuff

Aromatherapy also works well to relieve stress. According to the  Alliance of International Aromatherapiststhe two most popular essential oils to relieve anxiety are rose and lavender, while marjoram is great for relaxation.

It’s recommended to put a couple drops of whichever essential oil you prefer on your first three fingertips. Next, you should slowly and deeply breathe in the scent, your hands in the prayer position; index fingers just under your nose. By repeating this three to five times a day a couples minutes at a time, you should find yourself feeling less stressed and more relaxed.

3) Sing

Singing your problems is a technique that has been used by therapists for years to help patients suffering from stress from anxiety. Research has even proven that singing your worries eg. “I’m going to fail my test tomorrow” to nursery rhymes or other familiar songs works better than other methods including breathing techniques and trying to think of something else. 

And here’s why. According to Steven Hayes, a psychology professor at the University of Nevada, “There is no delete button in the nervous system.” By trying not to think about something, you actually increase the number of things that remind you of it. Therefore, he says that it’s better to treat what’s worrying you like you would a silly, meaningless song. Although it exists, it can’t affect your life in any important way. 

4) Laugh it Out

Laughing also relieves stress and anxiety. And evidence is mounting demonstrating how. Even beyond making you feel great, laughter increases your intake of oxygen-rich air while stimulating your blood circulation. It also helps your muscles to relax, meaning you can reduce some of the physical symptoms of stress too.

And even if nothing funny is happening around you to make you laugh, with your smartphone, you can quickly google a funny video (something that made you cry with laughter in the past). And very quickly, you’ll be feeling better. There’s no excuse not try it!

Sarah Chung

Raised in Hong Kong, now living in New York. A serial optimist, I love finding ways to improve to enjoy life even more.