The Stem Cell Gun that Heals Burns in Days

The skin is the body’s largest organ. And when it’s damaged, it needs to be repaired quickly to prevent infection. Standard techniques to repair it like skin grafting take weeks- even months sometimes to see results. They also leave unsightly scars for life. Thankfully though, there’s now a better solution.

Stem Cell Gun

Founded in 2014, startup RenovaCare have developed the SkinGun, a gun-shaped device that uses stem cells to regenerate new skin. Firstly, a small patch of healthy skin the size of a postal stamp is removed from the patient. Once stem cells have been isolated from it, they are then mixed in a water solution to be sprayed on to any wounds or burns. And the whole process takes less than 90 minutes.

Does it Work?

Yes. So far, 72 patients in Pittsburgh, US and Berlin, Germany have been treated. And in fact, people who have undergone this treatment have reported “full recovery” of their wounds in just days.

New skin generated from SkinGun is known to be both functionally and aesthetically pleasing. Not only does it leave no scars, it also leaves no residual pain and can even tan. One patient, who suffered severe second degree burns on the right side of his body, said “If I show someone where I was burnt, I bet $100,000 they couldn’t tell… it’s like the burn never happened.”

The Future

So far undergoing clinical evaluation, RenovaCare’s first priority is to have its technology approved by the US Food and Drug Administration so it can be used as a routine treatment. Afterwards, the startup aims to get a similar license to operate in Europe.

Although RenovaCare currently focuses on burns and wounds to the skin, it’s looking into ways to expand its usage. Treating third-degree burns, which involve damage to the muscles and other tissues below the skin, is their next goal.

To conclude, RenovaCare has developed a stem-cell gun that can treat burn victims in a fraction of the time of conventional treatments, and with far better results. Currently awaiting FDA approval, the startup’s CEO, Thomas Bold, believes that the SkinGun can not just compete with existing treatments, but also replace them.

Annie Lennon

Writer with an insatiable curiosity for people, facts and places. Currently interested in learning more about making our way towards a blue economy.